Most of my photos are available as aluminium prints and posters. However, a part of my collection is produced as aluminium print only. On this page you can read more about these materials.

An aluminium print is a great choice if you want to decorate your wall the same way you would see a photo in an art gallery. The print consists of two lightweight aluminium top layers with a hard plastic core in between. This combination makes it firm, but also very light. So without any problem you can hang larger prints on your wall.

Your photo is not printed on the material directly, as is the case with direct printing, but first it’s printed separately. The photo will then be glued on a dibond plate of 3 millimeters. The advantage of this method is that colors appear more powerful than with direct printing. The finish is done with a matte top layer. In contrast to a glossy top layer, a matte top layer does not suffer from light reflection. That means you can see the photo very well from every viewing angle.

Aluminium prints are always supplied with a mounting system, consisting of a self-adhesive metal plate with a suspension eye, an eccentric disc, a screw and plug and two self-adhesive foam spacers. With this set you can make sure that your photo is placed at an equal distance from the wall in all corners of the print.

Would you rather frame the photo before you hang it on your wall? In that case, a poster is an excellent option. Posters are printed on 250 g/m² silk mc paper. The silk-matt surface of this paper type ensures that you can view the photo from every angle, without any light reflection issues. All posters are delivered without a frame or a white border.

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